Types of Sewing Machine

The number of sewing machines in the market today is somewhat alarming, and a beginner who wants to purchase a new or reasonably used sewing machine may become daunted by the prospect of having to visit many dealership stores, looking at scores of sewing machines with no idea what to even look for. Or having to browse online, surfing from one web page to another and looking at the various images of sewing machines on Amazon or eBay or any other merchant or eCommerce website.

Types of Sewing Machine

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The first thing a learner must do before starting the search for a sewing machine is to be able to identify the purpose for which the sewing machine will fulfill. Knowing why you want to purchase a sewing machine will go a long way in helping you decide on the type of sewing machine you should buy. Next, comes your personal budget. How much money have you set aside for the purchase of a sewing machine? Will it be enough to buy a new sewing machine, or to buy a used one?

Three types of sewing machines exist, and they all stitch the same way. But what differentiates one sewing machine from the other is the way they function. They are as follows.

1. Mechanical Or Manual Sewing Machine– This is virtually the most popular sewing machine out of the three basic types. Everything on this model of the sewing machine is done manually; from changing the numerous types of stitches to the adjustment of its length and width, all is done by manually turning the dials on the machine. The positioning of the needle is also done manually.

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2. The Electronic Sewing Machine– This type of sewing machine makes use of electricity to operate and comes with several push buttons that facilitate its functions. The push buttons are useful for selecting the stitches as well as for adjusting their length and width. The sewing needle also, in consequence, positions itself and when you discontinue stitching, it stops automatically as well. So, with the electronic sewing machine, manual labor is not needed for the positioning of the needle. But you will always be required to set the size as well as the type of the stitch you want to use anytime you operate the electronic sewing machine. This is because it does not come with any inbuilt memory capacity or function.

3. The Computerized Sewing Machine– The computerized sewing machine is the latest addition to the sewing machine family and comes with a variety of sophisticated features, functions and accessories which make sewing a very exciting venture and gets sewing projects done very fast. It comes with a liquid-crystal display, which you can utilize by entering your desired settings and saving it. Another feature is the inbuilt memory capacity, which means that it will not be necessary for you always to retune or reset the size and type of stitch each time you operate it. It automatically begins from where you broke off the last time you used it. The computerized sewing machine also comes with an embedded memory chip that allows you to not only choose a variety of patterns that you want to work with but will allow you even to access the internet and download other types of patterns. It is, without a doubt, the most expensive of the three types of sewing machines in the market today.

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